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Netflix is the world's largest online DVD movie rental service offering more than two million members access to more than 20,000 titles. Their appeal and success are built on providing the most expansive selection of DVDs; an easy way to choose movies; and fast, free delivery.

For a monthly fee,  members rent as many DVDs as they want and keep them as long as they want, with three movies out at a time. 

Members enjoy free and fast delivery. They reach more than 80 percent of their subscribers with generally one-day delivery and provide free, pre-paid return envelopes. With no commitments, members can cancel anytime. Their "no late fees, no due dates" online movie rental model has eliminated the hassle involved in choosing, renting and returning movies.

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Largest Selection of DVDs

Their selection - far superior to what the largest movie-rental stores can offer - helps ensure members find everything from the latest big Hollywood releases to hard-to-locate documentaries and independent films.

Better Movie Choices

They make it easier for members to find and discover movies they will enjoy. When members rate movies, Netflix customizes its site based on a member's movie tastes, which makes their 20,000 tmovie titles more relevant and accessible to each member. On average, members rent 98 percent of Netflix's movie titles in any given month, proving the efficiency with which the company recommends films.

Fast and Free Delivery

Members enjoy free shipping both ways, with more than 80 percent of members reached by generally one-day service. Netflix operates 24 shipping centers throughout the United States - key to providing overnight delivery - and plans to open additional shipping centers throughout 2004.

Netflix launched its movie rental service in 1999 with the goal of using the DVD format and the Internet to make it easier for people to find and get movies they will enjoy. As a result, their members can reliably discover and enjoy lesser-known titles. As they succeed, more people are watching more films, and filmmakers are reaching a larger audience. In turn, they believe they will produce more new films. Netflix strives to be the world's largest and most influential movie supplier.

Check out the title available under the following genres

Action & Adventure
 Action Classics
 Action Comedies
 Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 Action Thrillers
 Comic Books and Superheroes
 Crime Action
 Deadly Disasters
 Espionage Thrillers
 Indie Action
 Martial Arts
 Military & War Action

 Action Classics
 Classic Comedies
 Classic Dramas
 Classic Sci-Fi
 Classic Thrillers
 Classic War Stories
 Classic Westerns
 Family Classics
 Foreign Classics
 Horror Classics
 Indie Classics
 Romance Classics
 Silent Films

 Classic Dramas
 Courtroom Dramas
 Crime Dramas
 Cult Dramas
 Deadly Disasters
 Film Noir
 Indie Dramas
 Military Dramas
 Period Pieces
 Political Dramas
 Romantic Dramas
 Showbiz Dramas
 Sports Dramas

 B-Movie Horror
 Creature Features
 Horror Classics
 Satanic Stories
 Slashers and Serial Killers
 Supernatural Horror
 Teen Screams

 Foreign Romance
 Romance Classics
 Romantic Comedies
 Romantic Dramas
 Steamy Romance
 Teen Romance

 Court Sports
 Exercise & Fitness
 Extreme Sports
 Field Sports
 Martial Arts, Wrestling & Boxing
 Motor Sports & Biking
 Other Sports
 Skiing & Board Sports
 Sports Comedies
 Sports Documentaries
 Sports Dramas
 Triumph of the Underdogs


Anime & Animation
 Anime Action
 Anime Comedy
 Anime Drama
 Anime Fantasy
 Anime Feature Films
 Anime Horror
 Anime Sci-Fi
 Anime TV Series
 Battle Athletes
 Dragon Ball Z
 Kids’ Anime
 Ranma 1/2
 Sailor Moon

 Action Comedies
 Best of British Humor
 Classic Comedies
 Cult Comedies
 Dark Humor & Black Comedies
 Foreign Comedies
 Indie Comedies
 Late Night Comedies
 Political Comedies
 Romantic Comedies
 Saturday Night Live
 Spoofs and Satire
 Sports Comedies
 Teen Comedies

Foreign Language & Int'l
 Australia/New Zealand
 Eastern European
 Hong Kong
 Middle Eastern
 Other Asian
 Spanish Language
 Foreign Classics
 Foreign Comedies
 Foreign Drama
 Foreign Romance
 Latin American
 United Kingdom

 Indie Action
 Indie Classics
 Indie Comedies
 Indie Dramas

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 Alien Sci-Fi
 Classic Sci-Fi
 Sci-Fi Adventure
 Sci-Fi Dramas
 Sci-Fi Horror
 Sci-Fi Thrillers
 Supernatural Sci-Fi

 Kids' TV
 TV Classics
 TV Comedies
 TV Documentaries
 TV Dramas
 TV Miniseries
 TV Mysteries
 TV Science & Nature
 TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 TV War & Politics


Children & Family
 Education & Guidance
 Family Adventures
 Family Animation
 Family Classics
 Family Comedies
 Family Dramas
 Family Sci-Fi & Fantasy
 Kids' TV

 Biographical Documentaries
 Crime Documentaries
 Historical Documentaries
 Indie Documentaries
 Military Documentaries
 Miscellaneous Documentaries
 Political Documentaries
 Science and Nature Documentaries
 Social & Cultural Documentaries
 Spirituality & Religion Documentaries
 Sports Documentaries
 Travel & Adventure Documentaries

Music & Musicals
 Country & Western
 Easy Listening & Standards
 Heavy Metal Hits
 Holiday Music
 New Age
 Rock - Classic
 Rock - Modern
 World Music

Special Interest
 African American
 Fine Arts & Performance
 How-to & Adult Educational
 InterActual PCFriendly
 Science & Nature
 Spirituality & Religion

 Action Thrillers
 Classic Thrillers
 Crime Thrillers
 Erotic Thrillers
 Espionage Thrillers
 Psychological Thrillers
 Sci-Fi Thrillers
 Supernatural Thrillers


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